Window Cleaning

The Conveniences of a Window Cleaning

Let us point out some of the advantages of a professional window care:

    Window Cleaning Ealing

  • After washing your windows you will have a brighter house.
  • Get a service in the most appropriate time for you. Furthermore we can accommodate your procedure during the weekend and Bank holidays.
  • This service is ideal for you, in case you do not have much spare time. Not mention the huge efforts you will save.
  • Our specialists have a lot of experience. They frequently clean all types of windows, skylights, window sills and sashes.
  • They work with attention to detail because every mistake is visible. In order to avoid any damages and scratches they use special tools and detergents. In addition to that we can easily reach every spot.
  • Another benefit is that our handyman can repair any damage. Furthermore, the insurance will cover all the expenses.
  • Receive a price according to the size and type of your windows. Sooner or later you will need such help and we offer you an affordable answer.

What to Expect From Our Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning EalingFirst thing our workers do is to determine the type and size of your windows. In order to save time, you can tell them these details in advance. They need such information so they can select the equipment and products for your session. After all the preparations, they will set up the tools that they are going to use. For the most part they remove the stains on the glass with detergents, dry cloth and squeegee. When our experts move outside, the water-fed pole system comes in handy. The key point is that the water pressure easily take away the dirt. If there is something left, the brush on the other side will remove it. Due to our environment safe policy, we use only ionised water.
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