Domestic Cleaning Services

Consistent Cleaning of Your House

Whenever you want a regular cleaning of your home, you should trust on us. There are plenty of household chores that are in our expertise. The most common of them are:

    Domestic Cleaning Ealing

  • Our customers frequently request us to do their laundry.
  • As soon as we arrive in your home we will start dusting every surface. That includes every corner of your living space like over the wardrobe.
  • If you want we can wash the windows inside and outside.
  • We can scrub the tiles and wipe the mirror in your bathroom, too. Additionally, we will sweep and mop the floors.
  • Among the most popular chores is the dish washing. We will save your efforts, so you can spend your time as you wish.
  • Let us make the bed and change the sheets in your bedroom.

In addition to all these services we do everything related to home maintenance. Of course you may book our specialists just for an one off jobs like carpet cleaning.

The Point Of Regular Cleaning Sessions

There is more than one reason to stick up to a monthly or weekly procedure:

    Domestic Cleaning Ealing

  • Above all is the importance for your health. During every session we erase the hazardous germs and bacteria. Moreover, we achieve this using only non-toxic solutions.
  • As a result you do not have to buy any expensive cleaning products. We also bring our own cleaning tools and machines.
  • A great convenience is that we can work around your day to day plan. You are in control of your booking. Select the time and regularity that fits you best.
  • Another key point, is that thanks to us you will have a constantly clean house.
  • Get an individual and flexible price. In case you combine two or more services you will get a discount.
  • Since all our team members have insurance you do not have worry for your belongings.